Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Let me trust

Let me serve the truth of Who I am
As I serve the Truth of the one
That reveals the truth to me.

Let me overcome the blocks and fears that
I have put in place that hold me back
From stepping into the full power
Of the Light and Love of God

Let me trust in God’s Will
As I trust in my ability
to carry out the Will of God.

For now is the time to live
With the full and complete
Honor that the Disciples of the Way
Know and are given to Be.

Now is the time to hold the light
From the Source directly in your Soul.
And Now is the time to allow
the Love that the Christ Offers you freely
so that you may  love your self enough
to be that love and share that love
and trust that love so that you
may reveal it and share it, and so honor it and be it.

So step into the Light
And open your heart up,
To let God’s presence be alive In you
Breathe in the truth of Who you are
Become that truth in your live.
And accept it fully into your heart, mind  and soul
And be not afraid
For I am with you always,
And so it is.