Thursday, May 10, 2012

Love as I love,
And believe in yourself enough
To let it  connect you to God’s love
And in that Love we find a way to let
God’s love live within us,

Love as I love
And experience the radiant energy that carries
The one unconditional love that heals as it reveals.
And allow that love to enter your heart
And be present and alive within you
As the spirit of God is present within me.
And see that same presence of love
At the core in the heart of others

Love as I love
And allow it to be in you
As an infinite flow of energy from the source of all.

Love as I love
And let that love teach you and lead you to
So you may See love and feel love
and learn from the power of  this love

Love as I love
And let that love live throughout all time and space
Call upon that love that God shares with all life.
Call upon the way of love
And feel it at work in your heart, mind and body
And let God’s love shine through you as an eternal light.

Love as I love
And become the love of God ,
And as I am that Love of God
so that you may be the  love of God.
For it is your reason for being.

Love as I love
 for this is God’s Love and it is alive in you Now and always