Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Korean Zen Teacher Once wrote a Book Called
“Only Don’t Know”
For Out of a world of seeking and Defining
Comes a moment that is beyond control,
And the seeking ends.

And you become one with the unknown,
And you are one with the Light
that is at the core of everything and no thing,
and you are transformed by a field of energy
that is  Pure Love, pure Bliss
and you release all control,
and you dissolve into all and nothing
and you are one with an energy
 beyond the minds comprehension,

How can you know what is in the unknown,
And just is
So you become the one flower, the one gift
And you give your self and your individuality
Willingly To Spirit,
And so spin into the spiral of super consciousness
 that is beyond control and beyond our knowing.
Into the essence of a love that
And you surrender your knowingness
And become One with God and Man.
One with the Universe and one with
The song of all Life ,
And you Let Go and let God

Oh, for a moment to
Only Don’t Know