Monday, April 30, 2012

As You Are

At Some Point you need to be Able to stop
And stand in the Pure light of God’s Presence.
And Love Your self as God Loves You.
As you Are.

To Love all of the gifts you have been given enough
To share these Gifts with others
 as God as shared them with you

And as you believe enough to trust in God
Then you can offer up your self
 to be a Disciple of the One.
And share the truth as you receive it.
For all Disciples have been willing to work
To bring the world their gifts.
Not all have been ready to believe they were worthy
And some have believed they were more than worthy.
But if the Heart can Love the Light enough
Then enough of the light can be brought into being
 to serve God’s Plan of Light and Love
and at some point you must be willing
 to give your self as you are

So stand in the Light of God’s Great Radiance,
And let the Light Fill you and shine through you
And use you to work through you
And let God’s light of love be alive
In the Presence of your life,
So you may share with others the love you have been given
So others may be inspired to Love God and the Children of God.
And so understand the work to be done
To fulfill the divine plan.

So trust in God enough to trust in yourself
And carry the Love and Light of God with always,
And Be able to Say yes to God,
Right here and now in this very moment
With all of your perfect imperfections
As you are