Sunday, April 29, 2012

From out of the darkness
came a great Light
And the Power of Love
 was born to make things right.

A Love so Strong, and a Love so true
That it’s resonates in all that we say and do.
And the Vibration was felt deep in each heart
Of all who were seeking the way and the truth.

From out of Light
came this One of Love
And a Joy that lifted
 the spirit to heaven above.

And with the Joy that lifted the spirit to be
We were able to find the Angels and Masters
and  finally be free

To be with the soul
 and find our purpose and place
to see the Will behind God’s Original Face.

And when we align
with the will of God
We understand how to work
with Good will for all.

So that we may serve together each day
With the Masters and Angels of the Way.

So we may be One with God and Humankind,
To be One with the teacher who is Love and Light Divine

And so from the darkness we found great Light
And a love that we live with each  day and night.
And so we say thank you to God and pray
For all to be living with This Joy each day.