Saturday, April 28, 2012

You are the Spark that burns so very bright
 eternally within my soul.
You are the other half that has always held
the promise to make me whole.

You are the Moment that brings
the Presence into the here and Now.
You are the One with No Name and nor form
Yet I know you anyhow.

And when I’m tired and weary
You lift my heart and soul,
And you are there to comfort me anywhere I go.

And I always I’m so thankful
For your presence and all you give.
Yet sometimes I still search for you
In hopes that I can see you here
in the time I have to live.

I know the true power of love that you are
is shown in what you do
And I believe in my heart and soul
That you will always see me through.

And if I could just see you
In all the many ways you’ve given me
And live with that great beingness
That guides me I what I do.

And I know it is unfair to compare
Anyone that’s here to you
So help me see the love in all
Who come to me as I come to you.

God give me strength to serve you,
Give me the power to trust the way
Let me love with your great love
Each and every day.