Friday, April 27, 2012

Behind the Face of God

What is behind each Face we see
And yet we can not know?
What is Behind the Smile of love
That comes from what we behold?

Can you Heart the Silent Song
In each heart just waiting to be sung?

What is behind the Face of God
That hides the great unknown?
And yet pray so deep for Help
In hopes it may be shown.

And if you were to see
The face of God
In every living thing,
If you were to feel the Love
That hides there and is waiting to be freed.

If a brilliant blinding Light
Could remove the millions of masks
Worn by all the world
And the soul could shine on through
If you could see, could you then believe
And be made whole and find the truth.

And if you look deep into each heart
And see with the eyes of the soul
You could see behind the face of God
Perhaps you could finally know

So take a moment and try
To see behind each mask
To what’s hiding deep inside
And you may see behind face of all
To God Hiding there inside.