Monday, November 19, 2012

Let me Wrap around me the Robe of God’s Pure love
I’ve seen that robe the angels wear
And in those folds I find the strength
Of such beauty and Divine protection there

Let my Mind encompass
The radiance of the diamonds Light
That’s shining forth in the Creators Source
Of the Christ consciousness so Bright

Let my Heart Beat Carry the Sound
Of God’s Breath of Spirit
And the Universal Pulse of  all Life

And let the Masters guide me
As on this path I walk
 to reach that place of peace
So I may help in any way I might

And there is a Star to guide me
From the Darkness to the Dawn
I see it shining forth early each morning
On this journey that I’m on

May we see clearly from that light
To our souls so we may know
We are all joined in this circle of Life
 as on the road we go

And the Spirit of God’s Love reveals itself
as we play our different roles..
and we learn to wear that robe of love
And uncover what is hidden deep in our soul.

How do your dress the Archetype of the Symbols you impart
The Father, the Mother, and the Son
that live in this energy we are
If we stand in the Center of the Love
that has been alive through eternity

And if you look deep within you will be able to feel
 And the heartbeat of the world that lives in you and me
 All Wrapped in the Robes of the Blessings of life
 And the Energy of God’s love