Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Prayer for Peace

Lord of this universe, hear our call
To bring Peace to this land if you can
 and stop the violence and hatred
that is killing so many who don’t yet understand

Let the people of the world live here together
On Earth with a common Bond
For in each soul is the Same Spirit
That can bring Peace throughout this Land

Let the People of the Earth find a way
And the ones who fight and hate finally see
The demands they ask for must go beyond
the limits that can’t allow people to be free

Perhaps it’s time the Prince of Peace
Came to our hearts and let us be
Not ruled by  who owns a piece of land
And who controls the others ways and demands

For deep in our hearts we know the time has come
after all these long and bitter years
to find a better way for all to live
and bring about a solution that can work here.

Lord of the Universe hear our call
It matters not what language we speak
For our souls are asking for the Star of Light
To shine in each soul and bring us peace

 It’s time to live together
 in this world in Harmony
It’s time for the Power of God’s Love
to fulfill a greater destiny

let each heart send love out
to heal the pain and sorrow that has been done
and to bring about forgiveness
So the people of the World to live as One

Lord we may need a Miracle to make this prayer come true
But here in this very moment we Pray for Peace
And whatever it takes
To let God’s Love and Light Rule