Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Breath of Love

You offer me a Breathe of Love
With a brilliance that Shines like my morning star
And as I breathe your Spirit in
The power of Love finds a place in my Heart

A place that is a shelter and an offering
And I can See the Star I seek
And the many gifts
and blessings you bring

And I can believe enough
to make a home for the love within me
And I can feel the merging
And How I can allow it to be

And I can Breathe the Breath of Love
And hope that I can share it
With the Ones who look to see its light
And move ever closer near it.

So I find the power to love myself enough to be
In that place where I am healed
And trust in God enough
To trust the God in Me

And I can be the Breath of Love
And be at home in my heart of hearts
And I can find the Happiness
 to make a brand new start

And I can Breath in deep
And have the Power to feel
This precious love Has a home in my heart
And it lives there as the Breath of God in me.