Tuesday, November 27, 2012

From the Heart of God’s Love

Listen to the Teachers
And the Voice of love that whispers to your soul
For within in each heart there is this precious gift
That all of us yearn to live and know

For in each heart this power lies
Just waiting for us to find
And as a magnet you are drawn to it
And  it exists like a priceless diamond in the mine

Some may seek loves Glory
Some may seek the Bliss
Some may need love’s healing
And the forgiveness that it gives

Whatever reason calls you
To discover what you need
You will see it’s waiting there
Inside you to be set free

This love you seek is such a pure energy
For from the Heart of God we were designed
To be here in this human form
and to live with the Blessing of reflecting the divine.

So open up your heart to what you seek to find
The love that’s waiting there for you
Is a love you can’t deny

No matter if you seek the Glory
Or the Bliss beyond compare
The Grace of Love’s great healing Light
Is in your heart  and forever waits inside you there.