Wednesday, November 28, 2012

All over the world there are ones who serve and share
And act as agents of the Light
And there are those who look to see
The One Love that does unite

All throughout this land
There is a power that grows
From those who wish to spread goodwill
And peace within our soul

Within us all we have the seed of love
That can guide us and teach us So we can know
A love that  will unify us
With one energy that with Spirit we can show

Divine Love that can heal the broken heart
 Divine Love joins us all as we are
A Love we can live if we choose to do our part
And find out who we really are

For there is a certain Magic at work within us now
As we join together in this love
And find our true purpose here
 and the strength so we  can know

So open up your heart
And let that love light shine
And let that Divine Love work through you
So those who seek can find

And Each Heart can join together with this one pure energy
It is a Gift God gave to us and it will let us be
 in the light of  God’s  Divine love
 Living as one  in true  Unity