Thursday, November 29, 2012

In the Presence of the Holy Light
And how we live here in form
Is the soul and spirit of Bright Light
And they path we choose to be transformed

Such a divine union comes to those who find the key
The holy of the holies here alive in you and me.

And when you have the way to see
What will come when we choose to be
A servant of God’s love forever on the Path
Of life’s great discoveries

Yet still working here to  relate and be
in tune with what others may need
 so they can find the way to unlock the mysteries
 of how to live with empathy

and the I am speaks to those who find
the I am in them that’s divine
and when that I am Presence fills the soul
with a way to work with our purpose to know

Then Divine Love can open the door
With so much Good from the God directing us
There is a way to heal our lives
 So that You can do what you came here for.           

Living with the presence of the Holy Light
And the love of God that is our delight
And all the blessings that are offered here
Still we must serve God and those in our life

And for a soul who’s found a way to be
In tune with God and the truth that sets you free
 How much more God can you behold
And be living in form as a servant of Love

And the I am that I am that’s alive in your deeds
So you can live and love this form
 and the Presence  there in you and me