Friday, December 21, 2012

Is there a heart that has not been touched by love
Is there a soul who has not been lifted by the Light of God.
Here at the still point of Creation comes a sacred hymn
And We listen and hear the Song of Life’s awakening

In the place where Infinite Light shines in
 the source from where all life begins
We come to find we’ve reached that point
Somewhere between the darkness and the light

And as all the Masters gather today
There comes new hope that is given to us as we pray
And we believe in the Miracle that life still holds
And watch the beauty of the mystery as it unfolds

We know and we know not
We see, yet we’re blind
We hear the sounds of the world
And the angels who sing  and we listen to find why

And there are many who share in the understanding
Of a higher truth that always leads us on the path we take
And the servants of God, and the keepers of the flame
All join together and work together today

And the differences make no difference at some point in time
And the need to love is the mission we find.
And the blessings we’re given we offer in exchange
For the foundation in a union of dimensions we create

And the souls sweet song celebrates this day
When the world and the light workers found a way
To let the souls sing with the Holy ones.
at the rising of the solstices dawn
as we hold open our heart to love the path of light we are on