Thursday, December 20, 2012

If been doing some soul searching and praying for those on this planet who are in pain, and doing healing on my self, so that I may be a servant for God.
at times this last week it's been hard...Yet always I know God's Love and Light shines through, I thank god for each and every one of you!

if we only see with our minds,
We can not yet understand or comprehend
if we see with our hearts perhaps we can find a way
To understand this human condition that we are in today

And if we seek to see with our souls
The one energy of existence that we can know
Perhaps we can then find a way to see
With God’s eyes the greater picture of the whole

For we can only see a small part of the truth
We can only justify our existence in the context we are in
From what we have experienced and read and what we have been shown.
But we exist in a universe far greater than we might know

And in the power of the energy that is at the heart of our lives
We find that there is so much more to this world at work
Than we can ever control and make right

There are those who in the darkness can not see the light
And in the shadows of our psyche we hide the parts we do not like
And on this warring planet we find so many who love the fight
While the children of God are still evolving as we try to put an end to strife

Perhaps it will take a long time to discover our purpose here
Perhaps it will take many lifetimes til we lay down our arms and let go of fear.
Perhaps there are those who can guide us and deliver to us a key
To find a way from the darkness to a kinder reality

And if the ones who believe in the good that lives in the heart of man
Can help to show some compassion and kindness if they can
And if we can trust in the power of love to help us to forgive
And offer our selves as tools of God to help with a greater Plan

Then from the darkness we can find a way to light
And from chaos we surrender to God’s will to give us insight
And we fall upon our knees and pray for God to show us a better way.
And as it has been often said we still pray for peace on this planet
and goodwill for humanity
and the Faith to believe when we need it
to find hope for the world this Christmas
and for God’s love to be revealed