Wednesday, December 19, 2012

And for a moment, just a very real moment,
All the protection that the Angels held over me
Slipped away to simply reveal through this life there is such pain
Yes, the suffering was felt and the tears were seen

And the raw truth of life was felt and revealed
And it reached to the deepest part of me
til all that was left to see
is how we live with this life and such suffering

And there was this truth that we accept
And there was still the need still to believe
In all the good that is in the deepest part of our heart
Yet is often buried beneath the life we lead

but when are left to stand naked
And so vulnerable and yet still remain
and  we have to understand in our society
 no gun can protect us from the hurt  and the pain

And if our hearts our broken
Many say that a greater miracle can come in
And that our hearts are broken open
And then a new love begins

And the  truth of the world good will
Can bring thousands of prayers to change
And those acts of  the ones who care
 can start to repair the damage done here

and in this moment still some love lives inside
and the greater good is expressed by acts of kindness we find
and we rebuild from the depths of  who we are
and we learn some hard lessons and forgiveness today

and as the sands of time slowly slip away
and we wake up and resolve to live a little better if we may
and we reach out to God and our fellow humans on the way
and receive the greatest gift we can give
 the rebirth of a love that in our heart forever lives.