Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Cause

When our true identity is revealed
In the essence of the presence of the Source
We understand the very Cause that we seek
 to relate and have a relationship with
 in Love, as Love, as the very soul that is eternal
in the grace of this never ending  power
that we are One with

For it is the Light that created us
and that radiance is burning there in our heart
with the divine flame of creation.

And what was once a reflection
Seen from a distance and magnified through us
Now we can embody it
To connect with it and to merge with it
To become it, to breathe it into our very being
And become it.

Now by simply asking to be
The love and light of the Source
And by believing that we can hold
That flame of eternal love in us
By becoming the truth of who we are

And as before life was seeking to Express God’s Love
Now You can choose to be God’s Love in expression
In the Love and Light you live in life

For you can choose to identify with the Cause of Being
Not the effects of a cause
So identify yourself as united and one with the Cause of all life
One with the Source, One with the Love and Light
For you are the Love and Light of God in Being