Saturday, December 15, 2012

When the world was Weary
And the strong did cry
When our hearts were broken
And we looked to God and asked Why

And The Star still shone down on us
Even in the darkest night
When the Birth of the One who holds out love
Is called forth from the skies

When we see a reality here on Earth
That is so different from the Vision we had hoped it to be
And we felt the pain here on earth
And saw all the suffering

When we knew this Christmas
We needed good cheer
Yet we saw so much more Peace
And compassion that we needed feel here

And when at Christmas Time
All the prayers were said
There were legions of Hearts asking
For this hatred to end

And we asked God to heal the hearts
Of those who whose life’s felt such pain
And who asked for more love to be present
We ask for the Miracle of healing  and forgiveness in God’s name

Lord please help all those who are in such need
Of understanding the ways of those who in darkness reside
And Lord please shine a little more light on us here
and take the away all the anger and fear

for the world is weary and many ask Why
and there are hearts to be healed
and so many in need of  your  love right now
so Bring us Your divine Light and show us the way
to bring us your peace and answer our prayers today