Thursday, December 13, 2012

God Speaks

God speaks to us
With every word that lights our hearts
God speaks through us to give some meaning
And reason that our life imparts

And if behind every thought you had
You could see the echoes of your mind
And if those echoes spoke to you
Some purpose there you would find

And if we just believe enough
To leave an opening we find a way
To listen in the place of silence
Where there is an answer there that says

God is present in everything
And in the silence too
The voice that speaks to the deepest part
Of the heart of love in you

And God’s Voice is in the Light you share
That overcomes the hate and fear
And as we let the tide of words rise and fall
We hear the breath of Spirit behind it all

God speaks to us in everything
For in the outlines of life we can learn to be
Finding the answer to the questions
That your mind has asked and your soul can see

The sound of spirit speaks in ways
That we often dissipate
But if you open up your heart
You’ll find you’ll hear what it takes

It could be a song, or in some book we read
or it could be the words  right here
For God speaks to us and if we listen for the truth
 we’ll Find the answers that we need.