Wednesday, December 12, 2012

12/12/12 …There’s more………

Just when you come to the point of understanding
And you stop to survey it all
Then there comes a new horizon
That let’s you hear the inner call

And the self which has been holding
A grasp from which it could comprehend
Sees through the new perspective
And a greater vision of which I am

The heart and mind are given
A new and greater key
And the truth which has been hidden
Is awakened at last for you to see

For there is more to this long journey
Then you might have ever known
There’s so much more for you to understand
Than that from which you could grow

There’s more for you to be
There far more light and love
There’s more to your soul’s true purpose
And there’s so much more to know

And this is why the master’s came
And each did  point the way
This is why the vision was given
So you could follow the new way

All the work that has been done has laid a foundation here
And there is a brighter future that has come for us to share
So when you hear the words given to you
Have some hope today
Remember that there is so much more of life which can be shown
So let the new day begin and let the light shine from your soul
For there is more, so much more that is right here and now for you to know