Sunday, December 2, 2012

A saw a Golden Halo shine from the Energy
That was upon angels head
I felt the brush of Spirit come
And stand by me and I heard a holy breath

And I felt the great compassion
that was known within my soul,
 there is such a distance that we must cross
To go the realm the angels know

 Recognize the angels who are ever so very near
Feel their presence, feel their love
For there truth is always there
 when we call there name  they will be here

And in the darkness we can still see
Though there are many burdens that we bare
And the work we came to do here
Is so far from the vision we once knew there.

And the promises that we made
Seem like they were given so long ago
And then an angel holds a mirror up
So we can see a halo’s glow

And we feel the breath of love
And the light shines down on us
And redeems so we can know
That it will be alright as on our journey we must go.

And the angels come and the angels go
But it seems there’s always some magic way
That the angels are there to guide us
 when we need them come what may

So call upon the angels
And receive their blessings every day
And they will stand by you
As you go upon your way.