Saturday, December 1, 2012

I found myself in who I am

How we search for who we are
And all we can find in a way to be
All the while afraid of being who we are
So instead we try to be, who we want to be

And always Spirit is here with you
On the Journey wherever you go
Tied with a thread of energy to God
And the Identity of your Soul

For in the seeking on the path
To what we wish that fills our mind
There is a particle of Us
In each and every thing we find

And we discover love when we recognize
That part that gives us what we wish to be
All the while still seeking
for some completion of our identity

and we find out through another life
what we hoped for in a dream
and we see what the other saw in us
and it reminds us that we have what we need.

And this I am that is in you and me
Is present in everything
For the I am in you sees a reflection in me
And in that light it dances through infinity

And I am that I am shines it’s brilliance
In being in all that you find
And through this life we learn to let it be
Right there forever in the Love inside