Sunday, December 23, 2012

This Christmas

I hear the Bells at Christmas time
and  there is a fluttering of Angels wings
and as they come to earth we can hear them sing
with a song of Hope and joy they bring

and such a sweet song is a gift for all to hear
and the light of that mystic star shines so near
and it draws us see the way
to share the gift of our blessings here.           

And the sound of the bells ring out at Christmas time
And as we join together with friends we find
That we still can believe in the good that we share
For the miracle of Christmas at this time of year

And Still in our hearts as we gather to pray
For a little more love and kindness today
And there are songs  of Peace and Goodwill to all men
And we discover the magic of love to guide our way.

And the Gifts are given to show that we care
And we celebrate with smiles and such good cheer
As we feel the love that comes from the one
the birth of the Christ the Holy son

And the Bells ring out at Christmas time
Shown as the love we find in everyone
And the choir of angels with joy do sing
With a song of Hope and Joy they bring