Monday, December 24, 2012

At the Heart of all Light there is Love
For the Light of all Lights shines so Bright Light
 that we can see the Pure energy
that is the very fabric of our existence in Creation

We can feel the heartbeat of the World
As we Breathe the Breath of God life
And experience the Spirit of our souls on this path
That leads us through the dreams, to Enlightenment and beyond

For here as we live and relate to others
And we relate to reality and what we may not know
And only the redeeming power of Love
Could ever save us from ourselves here

A love that allows us to forgive ourselves
And to forgive others for the pain we have experienced
A pain that has caused us to Judge and separate ourselves
From that Oneness thats call us to discover who we are

A love that allows us to redeem ourselves
And to find that Love that God gives us
That is the greatest gift of life
A love that is the key to our very being
Our reason beyond reason,

For God so loved the world that we are given to life,
and we are given the  Holy birth of the Christed one
to find that consciousness of the eternal  flame
that burns away all delusion and pain
and leaves us once again naked before the throne of God’s Love

a Love that allows us to see the Good of God in ourselves
so we may see that goodness in the Heart of all of Life
and so we celebrate the Birth of that love today
And n our hearts and souls, and we hope and believe again
that we find that love in all life and so be reborn again on this Christmas day.