Tuesday, December 25, 2012

And With the blossoming of the Star come to Earth
On this Christmas Morn
And with the blessings of God’s love to Grace us here
We see the flowering of the true grace of our Being

And we see our true purpose for being Present
And for living with this divine grace
That forgives and allows us to remove the Anger, hatred and fear,
So we are restored to the Pure light that is the love in our hearts and souls

And we are asked to see this love,
To feel this love and be redeemed by this Love,
And we are being asked to open our hearts to the radiance of this light
Of the holy star come to earth that so that the universe may see our light
As we see the universe lit with countless stars that share their light with us.

So open the door to the universal Light,
Open your heart to the gateway to Heaven here on Earth
See the Beauty in the eyes of each soul as they look to the Heavens,
See the Miracle of Life everlasting,
And accept that we can be the Living Light of God’s Love
We can become the truth that is alive in our souls,
We can accept who we are,
We can Love this Life,
As we love God as God loves us,
A love that understands all,
And so can fulfill our true purpose for being here

A love that is the greatest gift
And your reward that comes when
 you are ready to receive and become it.
so be this love,
breathe in this love,
celebrate this love,
and let it transform you and guide you
to the Power Of God ‘s Light and Love alive in you here and now
forever and always, always and forever, there is Love.