Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Teacher and Student

Teacher and Student

Who would be the Teacher and Who would be the student
Who would stand as a beacon and hold the Light
And who would be that living light that burns through the night

Who would be the next generation to carry the torch
And to live as a guide and servant of the One
Who would embody their true purpose
And who would understand the plan of God
And be able to share it and live it and be it.

And at the Heart of it all just be able to Love
To Love who you are and to feel that love
As a living energy that lives in your heart and soul
And who would hold the spirit that lives in your soul
expressing itself through you as God would

How do we surrender our self
To believe we have that love and light in us
We have the questions and answers
We have the gift to able to Connect with
The Teacher and to Be the teacher
And the servant of God’s Light and love here on Earth

In every action, in every moment you have the ability to live
As the Teacher and the student
You have the keys to be attuned to the infinite light of God
And to live as the light
And to love as the living light of God
For it is here in you,
Waiting for you to express it in your life