Thursday, December 27, 2012


No more doubts, no more fears,
 no more of turning away from being here,
Take a deep Breath and Reach deep within
And Let the Power to believe feed your heart to live again

Believe in the Light of God’s precious love
That can come into your heart and once again take control
Believe in the Very Master within
That has given you all that you need to begin so you can,
Believe you are here for a reason today
And that you are that reason and God will show you the way.

For there is a long line of teachings that are tools you can use
From a long line of teachers who have been in your shoes.

And your heart is in need of the love that’s alive
In the power of God’s Light that comes to the student of life
Receive the teachings and know the truth
And let the truth be alive in you

Breathe in the power to believe and know
That you are in the presence
 of God’s Light and love in your soul

You are not alone on this path that your travel on
And right now in this time and place
You can claim the Power to believe enough to become
the living truth for God’s Love and Light

Receive that Truth and believe you can share it
With the seekers who might
Need to believe when they lose their way
So go into the silence and  there do pray
Take a deep breath and reach deep within
And find the power to believe again.