Sunday, December 30, 2012

How does Spirit
the Eternal Spirit dwell in this form
as the Earth Hold the Sun’s energy
and the moon is reflect the formless soul
and as the universe speaks to us
so spirit visits us
in a million dancing particles of light
in the sound of life and all the myriad forms
of communication that this life brings to us

Breathing, seeking, giving and receiving           
All of creation expressed here in this Now moment
A miracle of being, offered to us to experience

And how do we accept this gift god offers us
How can we even process a miracle
The unknown glimpsed by a quiet mind
The meeting of the real and unreal

And you who are here on the path
You who have had to throw the doors to the mind open
All Those who have seen the unseen

Dare you try to judge where you fit in
Dare you try to explain the unexplainable

Do you have to prove what can not be proved
Or sell what should not have a price attached to it

How does spirit speak to your soul
And how then would your soul speak to spirit and form
As it beholds the miracle of being alive here and now
One with the One