Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Speak to Me

Speak to me, my beloved
Let your voice ring true
Let me be your instrument
with which your words speak through

Whisper to my heart, beloved
So I may softly hear
The love that is alive in you
That is the magnet that draws us ever near

Let your radiance translate
The universal Light
That pours into this vessel
And illuminates the night

Speak to me, beloved
Let the love of your bliss ignite
The compassion that opens up our hearts
To understand the human plight

Sing to me beloved
With a song that lifts me up to hear
The Chorus that the Angels sing
That is magic of the Music of the Spheres

For we are your instruments here on Earth
And we all can play our parts
To be attuned to the song God Plays
Through each breath that brings us life

Speak to me, beloved one
For you’re the master I wish to know
So long I’ve listened for your Voice
And the Presence of your light and love in my soul

Let your voice ring out
Let me do my part
Bring me to the Throne of God’s love
So your blessings may sing in each heart