Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Beyond the Land of Answered Dreams
To the part where the path leads us to finally be free

To stand upon the mountaintop and see
What on earth we really need
And all of that time we wasted asleep
All those lifetimes til we realized our worth

Way Beyond the words, and beyond the fall
There comes a moment when you understand why you’re here
For even God in his wisdom can not know it all

For many times you dwelled in heaven’s realm
And many lifetimes you spent time in some form
And many times we travel to both extremes
In the spinning dance of creations dream
playing so many roles til we are redeemed

And  yes, you’ll find all the answers you need
And yes, there are so many teachers to seek
And somewhere  in your awakening you understood love’s call
And came back here  to serve the  Source that made it all

And you try to remember the rise and the fall
And you go to the mountain and be still enough to recall
The reason you came and the purpose you’ve seen
Amidst all the dancing illusions that lie in between

And you can breathe the purity of the Soul
And you can forget it and let it go
For you remember that somewhere out there you’ll find
 God’s love and forgiveness will open your mind
and you’ll awaken from illusions dream
til at last you’re free