Thursday, January 3, 2013

We are One

We are All One in the Light
The Light that is the very fiber of  all Energy
An energy that that holds us a together
here on this earthly plane

And each Soul’s light radiates
with a brilliance that brings spirit to form
and in form seeks to be  in tune with that Spirit
alive in Each Precious Breath of life

And with each Breath we are given a choice
Of how to express that living light
That we bring into being
With the power of Love

A love so great that is at the heart of all Creation
While in our hearts we feel it alive in the inspiration
That guides our existence in our long journey
Of being and becoming,

Now here , now gone
Into that one light from the source of all life
Crossing over the river of life’s bridge
to eternity and beyond

and so we travel in peace
we embrace the Grace of Being
and we Go with God
to the one the Living Light of all
and we are one