Friday, January 4, 2013

One Shining Light,
One echo of a prayer
One promise made to take me there
That calls the weary heart to shore
With the  memory of a story heard before

For  there are many souls who keep a watch
For the lost and weary pilgrims call
Who’ve  waited lifetimes to be brought back home
And be given shelter from the storm

And I will wait to hear the call
And I will listen in the dark night of the soul
And I will find a way to you
To bring me back to once again find what is true

And there is an echo that is heard
That is repeated in the sweet song that calls
And the Vision of Light that is in the heart of it all

And the promise of that sacred vow
That is the pilot ship that will recall
The way to bring you home at last
To the beacon that is seen when all the dreams have past

and I will wait
til I here your call
and I will hold out hope
even after I have nothing left at all

and I am here one more day
and I believe, and find the way
and I hear the one answered prayer,
that calls the heart to really care
to find some shelter from the storm
til I’m home at last and it is done
and I am with the shining light of the one