Saturday, January 5, 2013

As Life evolves, spirit evolves,
As spirit evolves life evolves,
The face of the formless power of light
Is recognized not by how someone would imagine it to be
But by the energy of the frequency it holds
What was once the face of Jesus is dissolved
Into the idea of the face of the one who holds the love of the Christ

That love is alive in the energy the spirit holds
this is the spirit that you can hold in your heart and soul
it is in an energy  not based on what the form looks like
 and  how much fame , money and success you have

For spirit is free to be held in the energy you hold
And spirit is alive in the constant stream of Life’s light and love
the form of the universe is an invisible form that in forms
so much in_form_ation  on this strange planet
that gives value to the money you make and how you look

You would not recognize Me Now
2,000 years after my name was proclaimed
to be the son of God and of value because of the love
that was experienced  by the heart and souls
of those who would be lifted to the one pure energy of God

and as I am alive in spirit
 you can be attuned to that spirit
Now you can be aligned with that pure energy of God
Into your very being

With the Christ energy alive in the heart’s radiant love
and the light that awakens the mind to universal consciousness

There is such joy in the merging that holds the frequency
With the Power to believe, so you can become part of that union
The union of light into form and form into awareness of light
The union of love that births the eternal flame that holds the hearts true power
To live, forgive, and experience this precious ever evolving
 spirit in form with the formless spirit of life