Monday, January 7, 2013

And  as you appear before the throne of God
And the source of Love and Light
And ask ,
How would you express your presence in me?
And listen to hear,

 As you receive life, so you receive understanding

Receive the touch of the angels wings as they surround your soul
Receive the grace of the Blessings in your life that come to you as love
Breathe in the fragrance of Heavens garden
As the blossoms of bliss fall from on high

And redeem your heart
Redeem your soul and let all judgment  go.
For the presence of the Lord of Love
Accepts all of who you are
Just believe enough to be open
To let all fear go

And let God’s Presence be with you
As your guiding light
And stand before the throne of God
As you would stand before your life

And be ever so grateful for the blessings
That come in oh so many ways
And be ever worthy of the lessons
That are given to you each day

And be a part of the exchange of this love
That expresses God’s presence so clear
As You express the Presence to me
So you can Be with the Presence here.