Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mystic Rose

Mystic Rose that blossoms in the soul
The flower of Light that reveals as it grows
Plant the seeds of Loves offering
And let it be a place you can go

So the Mystic rose is planted In the soul’s true home
And each rose of the Garden of Heaven
 is alive within all time and space
and each journey into the soul connects
to spirit and plants its energy on earth

and if the souls roots do blossom
into the mystic rose on earth
and if with each blessed offering
we recognize that we have a rebirth

and how would you plant the seeds
of the gift given as a reward for the search
and can you enjoy the reason
and the blessings it brings beyond worth

and can your soul emerge in both
the world and your vision here
and still grow in the Garden
of heaven where you draw ever near

Mystic Rose that blossoms with the love
That is born from the secrets of the past
the merging us to become golden sacred rose
the one who holds the hearts flame
bless us and let us be our offering
in Heaven and back again