Monday, January 14, 2013

 And all the ones of Spirit
Who came to shine their Light on you
All the line of teachers and the masters
along the way who awakened to the truth

All the nameless ones who came here
 to find out how this earth did  work
to teach us how to get past the illusions
and distractions that fill this space on earth.

To all those who found what they were looking for
And stopped and in silence here to pray
For all the ones who are yet to come
And need to find their way

There is something that is true in Light
There is something that sees us through
There is something everlasting in every life
When we find that timeless moment of truth

And perhaps there is a smile that comes
And perhaps it is oh so near
And perhaps there is the answer you seek
Waiting within you here

And what was important yesterday
 slips to where you are right now
and in this very moment you find out
with a breath and a whisper the whys and how

and you find the secret you’ve been looking for
where the eternal truth of truths is held
for within each lonely traveler it is waiting
beyond the grasp of the mind

and  all the ones of spirit who guide us on our way
 through all of space and time
 greet you with  the blessings of the universe
and reveal God’s Love divine