Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mystic flame

Mystic Flame of light divine
The soul’s bright fire that ignites the skies
A sacrifice for all to see
The price you pay to finally be free

You watch across the shores of Life
And see the burning funeral pyre
You wait to find what brought you here
Perhaps to come erase your fears

And who will untie the knot that binds
Those earthly chains that hold your mind
And when the time comes to journey on
And move back to the sacred path you started on

And find the reason you came here for
And what you found opened up the door
To hear the resonance of the bell that tolls
rings deep within that  brilliant soul

and somewhere on a distant star
some energy watches from afar
and the echoes of a song remain
and there’s an empty chorus waiting to be reclaimed

and when you wish upon that star
could that very wish carry you so far
to find the truth you’ve been looking for and more.
for there’s really not much left to do
and the time is near to graduate if you choose to.

And all the questions and all the fame
And all the lessons that remain
And all the tests of time you knew
Lead you to what mattered most to you.
And a mystic fire burns through the night
Until the Breath of God consumes the flame
And you become One with the Creators Name