Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Still, Still, Still

Be still beloved,
And empty the thoughts that storm
As they fly through the colors of your mind
Be still and find the Chalice of the Grail
That dwells in the Holy Place inside

Let the blessings of the Lord’s daily offerings
Come and comfort you
Take the sacred gifts at the Alter place
And know that they are there to use

It’s a taste of the sweet nectar of bliss
It’s a smile from the Angel who always hides
It’s the merging of the Spirit of the Holy of Holies
And the denseness of the matter where we reside

And as you empty the Chalice you’ve found
Choose where you would dream it’s gift to be
For in the dream of dreams you’ll find
The secret that’s yet to be revealed

And how sacred is the Holy Grail
When it is hidden so deep within the soul
and it is only poured forth from the One
who sits on the Throne in the Blessed kingdom

And when you are broken and on your knees
And you’ve given it all and come to the place we meet
And then the Stillness the comfort  will come
To  heal you  so you will be restored again

And when this life is over
In the stillness we will meet
And the Holy Grail will nourish and comfort you
and you will bow down at the master’s feet

Til then hold the stillness beloved, until we meet again.