Thursday, January 17, 2013

Within each breath of spirit
Within the power of light
As the energy of being becomes it
And you flow through the river of life

There is nothing to hold on to
As through the sands of time we fly
So we sit and in silence we experience it
And we jump into the river and hide

And we are bathed by the baptism of fire and water
And we breathe deep the breath of God
And we believe in the sacred creation on Earth
And in each moment we become what we find

And in each drop of water
There is a reflection that it holds
And we are alive in that reflection
And we are the spirit that lets it go

For there is a river that carries us
Across to the other shore
And there is the blessed baptism
That cleanses us so we can be reborn once more

I hear the sound of the river
And it calls me to watch the flow
And the Sweet waters of life cleanse me
And purify my heart and soul

Til I Release the Breath that gives me life
Until I can come to see
Within each breath of Spirit
There’s a part of God in me

And I believe, and I become
 the One that sets us free
with the energy that lives within all life
the expression of God in me