Friday, January 18, 2013

My new Site for The travel angel Handbook
We are humble servants of the Lord
And the gifts of our work are offered
At the alter of God and humanity
To aid in any way that they can

I release any feeling of inadequacy
I release any sense of inferiority
I let the Light that I am and what I offer
Shine through me out to the world through this work

I release any doubt and worry I may have
I release any limitations and fear present in me
So that the gifts of the work given through me
Can fulfill the intent to serve and aid others

I ask for God’s blessings on this offering
I ask for the good that is within this work
Find a way to reach those who might need it
And who might be helped by it.

And I thank God and the Messengers
Who guided this work to be created
for whatever reasons that I may not even know

And ask that I am able to do the work needed
To serve this offering
And that it bring Light and blessings
To all who find it

And that I believe in it’s worth
And believe in myself being worthy of it
So that I can accept the success
And abundance that it brings.

I give thanks to God for this Offering
I give thanks to God to all who aid in the work
In bringing about the fulfillment of the Purpose
For which this offering was made
And so it is.