Saturday, January 19, 2013

How do you Serve God and Man

How do you amplify the silence within
And listen to how God speaks to you
So you can speak of God in what you say and do

How do you serve others
So that there is a true exchange of minds
And the energy of Light and spirit
And so serve God and Humankind

Can you tap into the invisible threads of the fabric
Of the robe you would choose to wear
Would you accept the gift of love god offers
And could you embrace that love and share

Could you believe enough to journey to the heart of God
And feel the heartbeat aligned there in you
Can you feel the heartbeat of humanity
As it courses through what you do

How would you amplify the love of God
And serve that love in your life
Is it your ideas that you serve
or a greater consciousness in all of  life

how can you serve God in your life
if that is the reason you came here for,
perhaps by not judging others ways
but understanding what there needs are for.
by loving others as God would love
by sharing the lessons learned,
by having faith when you have forgotten
why you came here to live again,
by seeing God reflected in the eyes of man
by seeing the beauty of creation here
as if it were the Garden in Heavens land
that draws you ever near.
And by speaking the words of that come from the One
and hearing the words that are true that come to you,
by sharing what has been given from God
and becoming the Love of God in what you say and do.
By giving great thanks to the creator
 and living with that radiant love
by amplifying the good will of God
So that you serve the God in everyone