Sunday, January 20, 2013

Honor the time to be quiet
Honor the day of Rest
Stop what your doing and be silent
And receive the light and be blessed

Listen to the hearts sweet song
And let it resonate through you
Let the blessed beingness of your self be found
By taking the time to be renewed

Cease all preconceptions of what you might need to do
Receive the absolute oneness that resides In the heart of you

Be present at the awakening
To find all that you have been waiting for
Is here in this very moment and all else slips away
and is not needed anymore

And there is a peace that in this presence
And this peace prevails in you
And it lifts you to the healing place
Where you put an end to strife and are renewed

And the currents of the waves of life
Are calm and still within
And in that still point is an opening
And it is there that the love is hidden within

And you can listen to the hearts sweet song
And you can listen to the Words
Of the calling of the beloveds voice
in the spirit in the presence you’ve been waiting for

And there is a moment of returning
To the place of the journey home
And you are lifted to heaven
And restored to the place where you came from