Monday, January 21, 2013

In the sacred intersections of our lives
In the place where we come to be
At the times that we are aligned with all
Of what we are and what we came here to see

And when the spirit flows through us
To the heart of our hearts where it can abide
and as a magnet we’re drawn with a hunger  for a love
 that we so need to believe is here in life

and at the meeting place we find
how to own our lives and time
for there is so much more in life
that we might ever really find

and we are humbled when we stop and allow
the compassion that sets us free,
 there is such grace in understanding
and in the moment we can really be,
a part of the eternal light of God
and here on earth at the intersection we can meet

and in the darkness we watch the Light
for we are meant to hope and believe
and we will come to the point in our lives where
Spirit and matter do meet           
And the sacred intersections Collide
 and the atoms and the particles of life are released

into the universe  in spirit we fly
and we enter the center at crossroads of life
  and there we just stop and allow
the spinning of the  wheel  of  time

til we come to the sacred intersections,
at the power spot in heaven and earth
we breath in  and find our reason
and we embrace the love that gave us birth