Tuesday, January 22, 2013

When you feel so weary
And there is still so much left to do
if you’re feeling overwhelmed
just take a moment from all that’s  needed of you

just be still and go to the silence
just take a deep, deep breath and then let it go
 go to the heart and soul of you
 and let go and let God work through you

For God’s  power at work in you
and that Power rests in the Light
it holds your true direction
and all that you seek to do that’s right

and when you let God’s Purpose
be the Power that works through you
then you are just the one who watches out
and enjoy the ride that life makes you of use

you’re the sweet connection
to the inner side
you may think your doing it all
but there is a greater Force at work inside

you are powered by God my friend
you are a servant of the light
and you don’t need to worry
you just own the copy write

but what is at work here
is much greater than you may know
so take a little comfort
and let go and Let God be in Control

you are Powered by God
so let God empower you
you are just a servant of the Love God is
let the love of God empower you