Monday, January 28, 2013

A perch in heaven

If I could reach down and touch you
With all the love that is here
If I could find a ray of light that shined
From the heavens to appear

I would find a perch in Heaven
From where I am able to fly
Across the grace of the rainbow
From the colors that come from God on high

For there is no beginning
And there is no end we can find
To the song of life we sing
There is just these moments time

 There is a perch Here in Heaven
Where you can reach if you are ready to try
Up to the place of God’s holy face
That is mirrored in love’s eyes.

And you might see a rainbow
Or feel the breath of the Angels wings
You might here the song of a bird
That reminds you how close to heaven we can be

And from the place you know my heart
And from the place you touched my soul
There you still can feel the love
I have in Spirit that you can know

And when the time does come
That we will meet again
And you fly to the other side of life
Beyond the rainbow that has no end

We will meet at heavens gate
Across the river where there is so much more
For paradise is waiting beyond this body
Across from time there is infinity’s shore

And from the perch in heaven
You might glimpse the glory beyond the door
To the heart of the Love that carries you Home
 to the Creator and the Love where we came from.