Sunday, January 27, 2013

For all the visions of the Light
Beyond the world of dreams you’ve dreamed,
Have only been a shadow of the truth that’s you’ve yet to see.
Just an outline drawn from a memory given once so long ago
Some small token to hold on to
 from the home you once did know.

And as you draw yet closer to the Lighted way
That leads ever on, to that Promised land you praise,
And you see the a path to lead you on
You release the cross you carried here and bury it
In the earth so deep

And the heavenly garden of Peace calls you to a resting place divine
To the inner sanctum of the holy that heals you from the wounds of time.

and if you are so weary from the journey that brought you here
you are now made whole again in the true light of who you are.
And you are restored to see the life you lived
As the dream it really was,
And you are awakened to your souls true purpose
And you are blessed to be lifted to the one pure cause.

And as you look back on your life,
You wonder at how few really saw through the mask you wore
Accept for the ones you allowed in to the light from afar

But the Lord and Master sees you as you reveal yourself to be seen
And you finally accept the truth of your true identity.
For there is really no need to hide
For here there is only the love you seek.

Here is the joy that lifts your heart to the source  and the one
And you are made complete
And you truest wish is fulfilled
And the vision given that you need.

And you are given these simple words to remember til the journey is done.
So hold on to the truth my friend, hold on to your hope.
that gives you what you came here for
and will be there for you when your life’s complete.

and all the work is now close to be done
and soon you’ll be at Peace,
in the garden of Heaven
in the light of God’s true love