Friday, January 25, 2013

Oh life revealed,
Through the veil of time,
The years  given where the seed
 of  the one flower of God creation abides

Through our daily offerings
Through all of space and time
How we manifest and what we bring
To light that we come to find

The little blessings,
The many ways we seek
and how we decide to spend our time on earth

For each day is a celebration
And each moment a rebirth

Oh, Love revealed
Through our connection
Our roots that spring from Love Divine

We are the blossoms of creation
With petals soft that caress the mind
the fragrance that enchants the soul
With a promise we remember each day

Oh life that brings this love to Earth
And the blessings of God’s grace
That in silence we do find

Reveal the truth,
Reveal the way,
Reveal the heart  that shines
And when it is revealed to me
May I become the Flower 
at the alter of  God’s presence divine