Thursday, January 24, 2013

May all good things

May all good things bless you
Each and every day
May the good Lord’s light shine on you
As you go upon your way

May all good things come to you
And find their way into your life
And the Holy Spirit feed your soul
With the Presence of God always shining Bright

May you find the Power and wisdom
To face the challenges life may bring
And may the Love you hunger for
Bring you what it is you need

And may you feel supported
By those you care about in life
And may you feel your worthy
For the miracles to work

And as time spins through the wheel
That turns around this earth
May the prayer wheel of your soul
Bring you the enlightenment you hope to find

For your very life is a prayer
And the love that you seek
Is there in your heart to find
And with every breath you take
There is a blessing to be found

May all good things come to you
That’s is my wish for you today
For life is good and love is here
if you just believe it, to bless you every day