Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Please believe in all that you are,
Believe in the Bigger Picture at work here,
Realize the gifts given, and give thanks
For as you believe in your heart of Hearts so you are

And there is the Blessing that is waiting,
The Love that is the priceless jewel in your heart.
So sweet the blessings of this love,
So sweet the visions you impart.

 Find the power to believe
So you can receive this opening
to a far greater reality.
Believe with all your heart and soul
 and you shall find           
The energy that transforms your life
 to share the Great I am

For when you believe you have the key
To the light that will lead you to be free.
For there is a light in everything
And it prevails to reveal the truth in you and me.

For as you believe in your self
You find the power that lifts you to who you are.
For you have the gift of God in your soul,
And as you believe in your self
you will find the strength to grow.

So you can see that gift in others, too
So they can believe in themselves
and be who they are and what they do
So be a pure reflection of God’s ever present Love
And believe, for as you truly believe,  it is so.