Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Blessed Sacrament

How do I receive the morsels of the Sacrament
That are Left to share with all who wait.
Would I be able to just take a small taste of the crumbs
And have some total recall of what was on the first plate.
And could that hunger that I have so deep within my soul
Be fed enough by the symbol given here
When the soul longs to be fed with  true love
 and the merging of it all right here.

Can I just sip the Holy Wine and be Blessed
With the nectar God once offered as a chalice of bliss.
Can my life plan be altered
With the Blueprint the Priest is told to give.

For I have seen the true vision
 from the original that was lived
and now just a taste and a morsel is offered
as a reason for me to give.

What I need is the strength to return
To the original face of God
What I seek is the merging of the Energy
That created this world and is my true cause.
And I do remember the promise made
 to serve the divine Plan and lend a helping hand.

But I am oh so tempted to say
Been there, done that, and Here I am.
 To wish to live in God ‘s great love
and the light so bright that created my soul
and once more go to the One I Know

For I hear the Rooster Crowing
and I see the light of the brand new dawn,
and I am so ready to give a toast with Christ’s true wine
and drink the whole glass down.

so perhaps it’s time to go to the Source
and to the Master who is directing the play.
and join with the plan of the last act of man
and say I’m ready for the blessings of the promised grace,
and I have been there and done that and I now wait
for the bows that come when you exit from stage
and say Thank you for the memories and can I turn to the next page.